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I sort of abandoned this blog mid-point through my PhD, for various reasons. I was awarded my PhD in November 2014, and I’m now living and working in China (as of August 2016).

I have another blog here which details my progress in the Middle Kingdom, where I work as an English teacher in Beijing.

As I am not working in academia, this blog will remain but I do not intend to update it. You can follow my current progress and work in my current blog about teaching. I still write, occassionally, and attend conferences when I can too. Thanks for all the readers and the help I was given in creating this blog. I learnt a lot. See you one my newer blog.


Apologies for lack of posts recently, I’ve been researching and writing various chapters. I now have a more complete picture of how my thesis is looking and all chapters bar my conclusion have been written (not necessarily all as final drafts).


This is my first blog post on here (or indeed anywhere). I aim to discuss my research findings, anything of interest that appears through research and general issues in British environmentalism. Feel free to comment on anything on here.