Hi, I’m Mark. I have a PhD in History from Northumbria University. My thesis looked at the growth of environmental awareness in post-war Britain, 1945-c.1975.

It built on that undertaken at the University of St Andrews, which looked at the British reaction to Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring. I recorded a podcast on this topic for the website Environmental History Resources in December 2011.

I obtained my Bachelor’s degree from Swansea University where I wrote my final year dissertation on the Lancashire Plot, a failed Jacobite uprising between 1689 and 1694, focussing on one of the main characters of the plot, John Lunt. This was put forward for the Royal Historical Society/History Today award.

I also have a long standing interest in Mongolia and Asia.

I use Twitter, Academia.edu and Linkedin. Don’t be shy to contact me – mark_d_wilson@hotmail.com

  • Update – as of September 2015, I am no longer updating this blog. It was originally created to document my PhD research, but, as I moved outside academia, I let it slide. I still use Twitter, LinkedIn and, to a lesser extent Academia.edu as above.

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