Current Research

My PhD research focused on the post-war period. I looked at the development of environmental awareness in the years after the Second World War, with particular reference to the Great Smog, Silent Spring, the sinking of the Torrey Canyon, as well as environmentalism in the early 1970s with things like Doomwatch, Blueprint for Survival and the founding of the Green Party, then called PEOPLE/Ecology Party.

Another aspect of my research looked at activism in this period and the different kinds of activism that was present – in the early post-war years organisations like the Smoke Abatement Society campaigned for a change to the air pollution laws, especially after the Great Smog of 1952 – to more recent organisations like SOC’EM (Save Our City from Environmental Mess) which was active in Tyne and Wear between 1972 and 1982.

Part of my methodology involves me conducting oral interviews with various members of the environmental community, those who were active in my period and who were influenced by various issues.

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